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A Permanent Culture of Abundance
The Free and OpenSource Permaculture Manual that you can enrich

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The goal of this project is to create a wiki-based collective open-source Permaculture Designer Manual (see topics), that anyone can enrich and report from learning experiences. Free for all, gardeners, designers, farmers, activists, teachers, and students as well as all curious, can share and apply this knowledge in their own community. We also aim to connect people and information, and facilitate exchanges about permaculture, sustainability, environmentalism, green building, organic gardening and farming. In this wiki-based free manual, "permaculture" is considered in its largest meaning, mainly as an agricultural base for human habitats, but also including other aspects of life : construction, energy, manufacturing, economy, community organization.


What you can write in this wiki (see the contribution guide) :
  • your article in your favorite topics
  • your project as a case studies with important details
  • comments and suggestions on existing content in the discussion

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