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Open and generic

  • Wikipedia wiki : Full of resources such as plant information, taxonomy, generic concepts and designs. Wikipedia is a generalistic encyclopedia, and introduction to permaculture fits as a topic for few pages, not more (see permaculture page).
  • Appropedia wiki : Full of resources about sustainable technologies: construction, food production, water harvesting and energy production. Appropedia has also about 68 articles about permaculture, in may 2012. In 2012, Appropedia partnered with Open Source Permaculture campaign that produce an urban permaculture book (see next point) to host the future "open source permaculture wiki" starting from this book. Appropedia has also an encyclopedic approach, and would best fit as an encyclopedia of main permaculture concepts and designs with in depth explanation (chapter 1 and 4 of our topics), rather than an open designer manual, like our goal in this wiki.
  • Open-Source Ecology wiki : A wiki for the Open-Source Ecology project that aim to make open-source blueprints for reliable, sustainable and replicable technology. Focusing on manufacturing, farming and construction machines, the full details diagrams of the first prototypes are already out, in may 2012. Project members also support and practice permaculture even though it is not their main concern.

Open and permaculture focused

Closed and permaculture focused

  • gaiacraft.squarespace.com :
  • www.piginthemud.com :
    • Inactive
  • permaculture.info: Offline in may 2012 since 2010, seems to have contained a fair amount of content. The Permaculture Information Web was "a collaborative project to provide a comprehensive resource of permaculture related information. This wiki used a precise language to describe the different parts of human habitat and that language is used to categorize the articles in this wiki. This narrative identifies the categories and shows how they fit together. PEOPLE - organizations | members - THINGS - elements | guilds | built structures | patterns - IDEAS - core concepts | environmental context | zones | techniques | tools | Peak Oil RESOURCES - book reviews | public documents | online resources | design review | blogs | Discussion Groups | Permaculture Wikis PLACES - all locations | ecoregions | permaculture sites | farming". (source)

3 - Resources Directories

Open directories

  • permitools.wikispaces.com : 20 pages of relevant links to documents on many topics : Bees and Beekeeping, Community & Culture, Compost, Earthworks & Water, Mycorrhiza and Mushrooms, Patterns, Urban Permaculture
  • goingpermie.wikispaces.com : A page with relevant links and few pages with videos.
  • ecovillages.wikispaces.com: Page with few links to sites and books relevant for permaculture.

Closed directories

4 - Local or group focused content

  1. northeasternpermaculture.wikispaces.com : Group focused wiki, for networking and information sharing. Describe some demonstration sites, contain educational resources, etc.
  2. phoenixpermaculture.wikispaces.com : Phoenix location focused wiki, with informations, links and people.

5 - Plant Database

  1. Plant For A Future :
  2. Practical Plants :
  3. Gardenality :
  4. My Folia :