Case Studies

Permanomades RasJebel Orchard in Tunisiaexternal image p1010149.jpg?w=200&crop=1

The primary permaculture site of the main contributors of this wiki-based free manual. Started in june 2012, the goal is to convert an old 3000m┬▓ orchard site at RasJebel, in Bizerte region of the north of Tunisia, to create a self-maintained, productive and biodiverse agriculture system and a space for alternative cultures and creative exchanges in the local community.Initial land was used for subsistence agriculture, with a variety of trees (Almonds, Figs, Barbary Figs, Pomgrenade, Prunes, blackberries, Cypress, Vines). Close to the shore (400m) low altitude (200m), strong winds, close to a pine forest. The soil between trees is argilous and compact, was plowed and cultivated with vegetables. The plan is to make water harvesting, plant vegetables that nourish trees, and enhance the life quality of soil. Composting with and without worms will be used to recycle abundant woody mulch and plant waste. Integration of mushrooms is also planned. More details on this wiki page, on permanomades blog and on global permaculture site.

Fresh Site in Denmark

An holistic project of a living supermarket in the city, where instead of taking products off the shelves, reaps its products on planted raised beds. This project consist of local community activism in different urban and peri-urban sites in Copenhagen region. That includes creation of urban farms, using mushroom depollution properties and guerilla gardening actions with seed balls. More details on Frais blog.

Sieben Linden Eco-Village in Germany

The Ecovillage of Sieben Linden is an intentional community and a social and ecological settlement in Germany, which aims to provide a model for a future way of life in which work, leisure, economy, ecology, urban and rural culture can find a balance. The creation of the village was based on permaculture principles and patterns and fuction actually as an education center for training on sustainable and meaningfull living, permaculture, dragon dreaming etc. More details on Sieben Linden site.

FreeAndReal Site in Greece

A greek initiative of creation of a sustainable community, with main project started in 2012 and consist of natural farming and ecological building projects in the Telethrion site. More details on free and real site.

G.Lawton Farm in Jordan

A permaculture project in arid climate. A demonstration site of a global master plan of 'greening the desert' project involving local youth community. More details on Permaculture Research Institute site.

Large Scale Landscape Rehabilitation at Loess Plateau in China and Other Sites (Ethiopia, Jordan, Rwanda)

Several model projects of dessert sites rehabilitation in China and in the world, documented by John Liu. More details and videos in Earth's hope site.