The methods of Jean Pain: Or another kind of garden

By Ida & Jean Pain - translated by Ann Pellaton - 88 pages - 1980 (1973)
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"This is the only reference book on the work of Jean PAIN and the applications of his methods; Autodidact inventor of the "METHODS of JEAN PAIN", processes allowing, from brushwood and residuals woods, to produce a hight-fertilizing pre-compost, to collect heat by contact with the fermenting heap, and to produce biogas." (from Author)
Keywords : 40 hectares 50 tonnes adapt agronomy applied average best-grade petrol blades boughs brushwood compost brushwood gas centre chain-saw Cistercian compost and cover compost heap composting area cost crop cultivation decomposition DIAGRAM diameter equipment experiments fermentation fertilizer fire forestry form of brushwood fruit fuel garden garigue grassland greenhouse ground heat height Henri Stehle hot water hour humic HUMUS ideal IMPREGNATION inside the heap internal combustion engines Jean PAIN shredder kilogs land layer leaves leeks ligneous litres material Mediterranean Basin Mediterranean Forest MEDIUM SOIL methanization methanogenesis metres micro-organisms operation organic pedology Photo photosynthesis phytosociology plant matter polyethylene polyethylene tubing possible production protective Provence reafforestation safeguard Saint Peter says Jean Pain shredded brushwood shredded matter shredding and refining solution storage element substance summer plantation temperature Templiers thicket clearance thicket-clearance tomato plants tonnes per hectare tractor trees vegetable matter volume young plants (from Googlebooks)


Table of Content

  • 2. - The end of big forest fires
  • 3. - A new source of HUMUS
  • 4. - Cultivation without watering
  • 5. - The FUNDAMENTAL food of the soil
  • 6. - Industrialization of brushwood composting
  • 7. - Production of ENERGY ( hot air, hot water) and uses : heating, domestic uses, etc.
  • 8. - A small CHIPPER… with big capabilities
  • 10. - The JEAN PAIN plan for thicket clearance and rational use of the residual forest biomass.

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