Introduction to permaculture

by Bill Mollison and Reny Mia Slay - 218 pages - 1st edition 1995 - 2nd edition 2004
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1st edition 1995
1st edition 1995

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"Written to introduce readers to Permaculture concepts and design strategies. Topics include: energy efficient site analysis, planning and design methods, house placement, design for temperate, dry-land and tropical regions, urban Permaculture garden layouts, land access and community funding systems, chicken and pig forage systems, orchards and home wood lots, how to influence micro-climate and a large section on selected plant species with climatic tolerances, heights and uses. Abundantly illustrated with detailed diagrams and line drawings throughout. Includes a listing of useful Permaculture plants with descriptions and uses, and a further species list in useful categories.
The book is set out as a step-by-step introduction to Permaculture with detailed instructions. Using simple language it describes the range of Permaculture for general consumption. Very little content of Mollison's other books are found within Introduction to Permaculture." (this book at Tagari or Amazon)

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2nd edition 2004
2nd edition 2004


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Topics include (from JudyOz)
  1. Energy efficient site analysis
  2. Planning and design methods
  3. House placement
  4. Design for temperate, dry-land and tropical regions
  5. Urban Permaculture: garden layouts, land access and community funding systems
    1. Using fences, trellis, greenhouse & shadehouse to best effect
    2. Chicken and pig forage systems; tree crops & pasture integration for stock
    3. Orchards and home wood lots for temperate, arid and tropical climates
    4. Permaculture gardens: energy-saving designs and techniques
    5. How to influence micro-climate around the house and garden
  6. Large section on selected plant species lists, with climate tolerances, heights and uses