• KeyLine Design: is a technique for maximizing beneficial use of water resources of a piece of land andrefers to a specific topographic feature linked to water flow. It's a system of amplified contour ripping to control rainfall run off and enable fast flood irrigation of undulating land without the need for terracing. Keyline Designs include irrigation dams equipped with through-the-wall Lockpipe systems to gravity feed irrigation, stock water and yard water. Graded earth channels may be interlinked to broaden the catchment areas of high dams, conserve the height of water and transfer rainfall run-off into the most efficient high dam sites. The water lines identified from the land-form subsequent provide optimal locations for the various less permanent elements (roads, trees, buildings and fences) to optimise the natural potential of the landscape. cf Yeomans Keyline plan
  • Cultivation Zones
  • Chicken as Pest Control
  • Dry Land : Swale, Circular plantation, Compost hole, Living fence (more about dry land)
  • Earthworks techniques (swales fr=bassi√®res 1, dam fr=bassin de retention)
  • Compagnion planting
  • Cultivation:
  • Food production
  • Compost worms keyhole factory (frost resistant)